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The New Orleans sun is heating up and what better way to cool down than with inflatable waterslide rentals from PartyZone Event Rentals. When families pull up to your party or event and see one of our giant waterslides set up; they won't be able to kick their shoes off quick enough. We have a variety of slides in all different sizes and themes that can go perfectly with any kind of party. Great for ages 3 and up, we have something for everyone!

These awesome waterslides are one of a kind when it comes to inflatable rentals. Not only do we carry the latest and greatest of the designs but some of the largest in the New Orleans, LA area. When you are searching for the perfect inflatable waterslide rental, you've come to the right place. Within just a few clicks, you can have the perfect waterslide rental for your party.

We have themed inflatable waterslide rentals for any event or party. We have the coolest 18ft dual slide rentals that can have a themed banner attached to the top of the slide. Kids love themed birthday parties!

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Best Selection of Inflatable Waterslide Rentals in New Orleans

Since 2009, we have been providing our customers the best selection of inflatable waterslide rentals in New Orleans. With slides ranging from 13ft tall all the way up to 27ft tall, we have an assortment to fit any age group. Looking for something for the little ones? Check out our13ft Lil Surf Waterslide! This is smaller waterslide rental that is great for even the littlest of slides. The side entrance makes it easy and safe for kids of all ages and even adults.

Do you need something larger? Our 18ft Adventure Galley Waterslidewill not disappoint! This slide rental features a fun pirate ship theme that kids love and the slide is tall and slippery for loads of thrills. Even the ever so popular, the 17ft Big Kahuna! The original biggest waterslide of its time! It looks great set up and provides hours of fun.

We even have waterslide rentals all the way up to 27ft tall! The most popular amongst our customers are the 22ft slides. They feature a large single lane slide with some of the biggest catch pools on the market. When our guests take a peek at these unique inflatable waterslides, they will be in shock and awe. Imagine a waterslide taller than a two story house! Best of all, it's fun for all ages 3 and up so the teens and adults can have some fun too!

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Why Rent an Inflatable Waterslide from PartyZone Event Rentals

We have been the go to choice to rent an inflatable waterslide. All of our waterslides are made of commercial grade lead free vinyl. We take pride in offering the best choices for our customers. For years, our crews have been delivering fun all over the New Orleans, LA area. Our customers can expect professional customer service when booking with PartyZone. We strive to go above and beyond to ensure your inflatable waterslide rentals go off without a hitch.

Planning your party has never been easier. With our online reservation system, you can book your inflatable waterslide rental in just few clicks. Just select the perfect inflatable of your choice and click Click to Book Now. After that, choose your date and time then follow all of the prompts to complete your booking. We will send you a series of emails with your confirmation of your inflatable waterslide rental.

PartyZone Event Rentals is ready to transform your party into a tropical oasis with our Inflatable Waterslide Rentals. Browse the vast selection of water slide rentals New Orleans has to offer!