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Safety Tips

At PartyZone Event Rentals, our customers safety is our top priority. We have a quality control system for our inflatables which allows us to inspect every unit before, during, and after use at your event. All of our inflatables are inspected, cleaned, and sanitized before and after every rental at our warehouse by qualified operators to ensure they comply with inflatable safety standards. Our company is a member and certified by SIOTO (Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization) as inflatable safety operators so we can take the time to instruct our customers and attendants on the safety rules and restrictions before, during, and after use at your event.

When our customers are renting an inflatable there are safety aspects to consider and it is our responsibility as a safety inflatable operator to ensure our customers are educated on some safety tips. While selecting an inflatable party rental, our customers should consider the safety of your guests or that of your own kids and think how safe is PartyZone Event Rentals? We follow all industry standards for inflatable safety, members of rental safety organizations, provide new inflatables with the latest safety features along with safety rules labels displayed on the outside of all inflatables, we train our customer in the safe operation, provide all necessary safety instructions upon setup at your event, and fully insured to industry standards which many parks require.

PartyZone Event Rentals is certified in basic and advanced inflatable safety operations for your safety!

Safety Tips from SIOTO

As a consumer using an inflatable for any event from popular backyard birthdays to school carnivals or even company picnics and practically any event you deserve the right to find qualified and dedicated operators who are safety conscious with a strong commitment to bring you a safe enjoyable experience. SIOTO is dedicated to industry standard training and the rental operators displaying these seals have proven their commitment by accepting these standards as their way of safe operations in the inflatable party rental industry.

SIOTO is very unique and differs from many other organizations in that we do not simply ask our members to operate safely, we actually train them in safe operating procedures through a series of safety courses. Don't settle for less, settle for the best that your operator can offer. Choose a SIOTO certified operator and you'll be choosing a professional.

Find out more information and to verify us at SIOTO!

Party Rental Tips from SIOTO

Before you even commit to an operator or rental company you need to ask a few basic questions:
Are they insured and will they supply a copy of the insurance certificate?

Are they insured for the amount a park may require?

Are they trained and experience in inflatable operations?

What safety measure do they provide you with?
Price should not even be a consideration!

After the operator or delivery crew arrives, they should do the following and it is your responsibility to pay attention to ensure the setup is complete properly as follows:

A tarp should be placed on the setup surface to protect the bottom of inflatable unit.
The inflatable unit should be staked down or heavily weighted down with ground weights or sandbags at all anchor points.
When the inflatable unit is inflated, make sure there are no rips or holes visible while in operation.
The operator or delivery crew must cover all safety procedures verbally and should leave printed safety instructions and tips as well.
It is your responsibility to ask questions if you do not understand anything regarding the safe operation of the inflatable unit!

Also, see our inflatable rental tips and inflatable safety rules to guide you along the way during your event planning. Contact us if any further concerns may arise.