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Setup Area Tips

When getting ready for your inflatable party rental, here are some setup area tips to consider while planning and choosing which inflatable suites your location. The setup area criteria needs to be met in order to allow for a safe atmosphere while the inflatable is in use. Your inflatable party rental must be setup in a safe manner at all times according to our company rental policy which is in accordance with our inflatable safety operation certifications by SIOTO. The tips below should ensure everyone is prepared and knowledgeable when renting an inflatable for a smooth and memorable experience on the date of the party/event. As the renter of the inflatable, our customer, you are responsible for making sure your setup area is prepared and meets all criteria requirements in advance of the party date.

Pathway to Setup Area

A clear path must be accessible to a width of at least 36 to 39 inches for the smaller inflatables and 42 to 48 inches for the larger ones. The path must be of a level surface for our dolly to maneuver the inflatable to the setup area. Please keep in mind, there inflatable can weigh anywhere between 200 to 1000 lbs which makes it impossible to toss over fences, go through your homes, go over large obstacles, etc.

Bounce Houses - 36-39 inches

Combos and Toddlers - 42 inches

Water Slides and Obstacle Courses - 42-48 inches

Dunk Tank - 72 inches

Setup Area and Obstructions

The setup area must be free and clear of any obstructions overhead and around the inflatable AT ALL TIMES while in use. A minimum of 3ft is required in all directions around the inflatable to be free and clear or any obstacle to allow the unit to move while in operation.

An inflatable WILL NOT be setup anywhere in the proximity to power lines or utility lines of any sort! It is unsafe so please make sure your area has a large amount of space for the inflatable.

Setup Area Surface

The setup area surface must be clean of debris, rocks, sticks, trash, grass clippings, pet feces, and any other obstructions that may stain or damage the inflatable's vinyl. Any lawn maintenance and cutting should be done at least 2-3 days before the party or event to help keep some of the fresh cut grass clippings out of the inflatable while the kids are going in and our during play.

If the setup area is not prepared before our delivery crews arrive on site or if any of the following above is found to have stained or damaged the inflatable in any way then a cleaning fee or damage fee will be assessed at the time of pick up as stated on our rental agreement.

Power Source

A power source 115 volts and at least 20 amperes circuit must be within 100ft from the further corner of the setup area. An inflatable blower requires a dedicated electrical circuit as most draw around 10 amperes while in operation. We provide heavy-duty extension cords that meet the requirements of the blower in order to ensure no power loss during operation.

Keep in mind, some inflatables may require multiple blowers in which case will require multiple electrical circuits on site. You may also rent a generator if no power source(s) are available at your party or event location. Most parks require the use of generators on-site, see park rental tips for additional information.

Water Source

A water source must be near the setup area for any inflatable rentals with water usage during operation. If you are unsure which inflatables are able to have water, see our water usage chart.

It is our customer's responsibility to provide the water source and hose to connect to our inflatable rentals. We may be able to provide for an additional fee if notified prior if a hose is needed for setup.