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Park Rental Tips

We have comprised some important rental tips for renting a bounce house or water slide in any park or public land within the New Orleans area and surrounding River Parishes. The park links provide a convenience to assist with your party planning. Please contact us if you have any questions about certain requirements for your location prior to the event.

Important Park Rental Tips and Information

If you are looking to host a party at a local park in New Orleans or River Parishes area, then there are a few items you may need to be aware of prior to booking that location. Many park locations require inflatable operators to carry adequate liability insurance coverage and provide a copy of the insurance certificate to the park offices. Also, some may require permits prior to setup of any inflatable structures or party rentals on site by companies. PartyZone Inflatables is fully insured with the required amount of coverage for rentals at any park in New Orleans and River Parishes area. See below for some items you may need to get in order prior to your party date.

Contact us prior to booking online to discuss party location as well as any equipment desired for rental for the party if any questions arise during the booking process.

Contact the park where you intend on hosting the party to ensure your date is available. If you see below we have park links for some parks in the New Orleans and River Parishes area.

Do they require a permit for an inflatable on grounds?

Do they have a power source that can be dedicated to the inflatable blower? If not, we offer generators for rent which are usually required if no power source available.

If proof of insurance is required, is PartyZone Inflatables LLC already on their approved vendor list? If not, then please give us your point of contact for the park to ensure the proof of insurance reaches the correct person prior to party date. In some cases, most parks require at least 10 days prior to party date.

If a permit is required, then apply for the permit and pay any necessary fees that may apply.

Send PartyZone Inflatables a copy of the approved permit by the park for our files and most parks require it to be onsite with the inflatable at party date.

A point of contact or responsible individual for the party must be present when PartyZone Inflatables delivery crew arrives for setup and available for our safety and inflatable operation orientation as well as signing our rental agreement.

The point of contact or responsible individual for the park must remain present until PartyZone Inflatables delivery crew arrives to pick up the unit and inspect the inflatable prior to your departure. The delivery crews also like to ensure everyone had a great time and no lost items are found in or around the inflatable setup.