New Orleans
Party & Event Rentals

Overnight Rental Policy

Are you planning a party for the kids during daylight hours but would like to extend the fun into the night, for adults too? Then we have a perfect solution which caters to our customers who like to party into the late hours of the night. We offer an overnight rental service which is one of our most popular options having the extra time allotted to the party. Our rental units may be left at your event location overnight for an additional fee of $50. So for those wild and crazy parties that like to go into the late night hours this options if perfect for you!

The overnight rental service may be subject to change or cancelled depending on a few circumstances by our representatives or delivery crews if the following occurs or is observed during setup: unsafe weather conditions overnight may be developing which will make it an unsafe atmosphere for operation of the inflatable party rental, the inflatable party rental is located in an unsafe location at your event which may be subject to theft or liability issues by your neighbors or passers by, if the setup is located in the front of your event location and not secured such as in the front yard of a home which may encounter criminal damage to our rental units, or the setup is blocking a sidewalk or public passage way. If the rental unit has suffered any damage while at your event location, you will be responsible for repairs or replacement costs of the unit as per our rental agreement.

If you need further assistance, contact us with any questions regarding our overnight rental service policy.