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Why Renting an Inflatable Water Slide is Worth the Investment at Your Next Party

Inflatable water slides have been making a splash in the party entertainment world for years now and their popularity only continues to grow. These inflatable slides have made party entertainment a breeze and are universally enjoyed by folks of all ages.

Event hosting, especially outdoors events in the summer, can be tricky. You want to keep your guests cool and entertained. If you haven't considered renting an inflatable water slide for your next event rent, this article will explain why it is more than worth the investment.

Water Slides are Clean and Safe

When you rent an inflatable water slide from PartyZone, you can rest assured that your rental will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized when it gets to you. We meticulously clean all of our rentals to ensure their safety and the safety of your guests.

Speaking of safety, all of our water slides are equipped with safety measures such as easy access, netting and handles so that even the smallest of sliders is able to do so safely.

The fact that the inflatables are made out of rubberized vinyl material also makes them very safe. No need to worry about serious injuries from banging around on the slide.

No Hassle Ordering, Set Up and Delivery

When you rent a water slide from PartyZone we make it easy and convenient. Simply browse our vast selection of inflatables on our website, choose which one you want, add it to your cart and check out.

There's no reason for you to feel stressed before you host a big part or event. Professional part rental companies should be on time, professional and courteous.

As soon as your event date arrives we delivery the inflatable for you and provide professional set up. That's it. No hassle or headaches on your end. We take care of the party entertainment for you.

Affordable Fun for the Kids

Hosting a party is not cheap; from the food, to the tables and chairs to the party favors-it all starts to add up. Luckily, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on party entertainment when you choose to rent an inflatable water slide.

Renting a water slide is much cheaper and more convenient than having to set up or construct a swimming pool or traditional water slide to keep your guests cool and entertained at your summer party.

The best part is, the inflatable water slide is torn down and taken away when the party is over which means no mess for you to deal with!

Inflatable Slides for Any Outdoor Space

With many size options available, you can select the water slide that suits your outdoor space perfectly. We have options from our smallest, 13 foot slide, to our monster 22 foot slides so you can be sure to accommodate any event.

Working with a smaller outdoor space? No problem. Rent one of our smaller water slides to ensure that there is still plenty of space for other party activities.

Or, if you have the space, rent one of our monster slides that incorporate water, fun and competition!

Inflatable Water Slides in Kenner, LA

Don't look any further, at PartyZone Event Rentals in Kenner, LA we have a huge selection of inflatable water slides available for rent. Browse our giant slides, themed options or check out the smaller ones for the little kids. We have something for everyone!

Shop our Huge Selection of Water Slides

Regardless of the type of event you are hosting, if you are planning to be outdoors and want to provide entertainment that your guests will be talking about for weeks, considering renting an inflatable water slide from PartyZone. We promise the rental will be more than worth the small investment!